Commercial Agreements

Commercial Agreements

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
Michael Jordan

In business, relationships are everything. So when we document them, we get that the commitments have to work for you, as well as ensuring that you have enough flexibility moving forwards. Getting clarity and certainty on what you’re agreeing is fundamental to the smooth-running of your business. We’ll push for what’s in your best interests, but without falling out with the other side. This collaborative approach counts for a lot in terms of building trusted relationships with others who are helping you to grow or to support your business.

Whether you need to regulate supply chain issues, distribution arrangements, promotional services or extending your market reach in any way, we can take the pain out of the process with intelligent drafting and negotiation. However sound your relationships, documenting them properly de-risks those arrangements.

Businesses often forget how critical it is to clarify key points when they engage other service providers, from designers and developers, to media and communications services, to IT services or potential strategic partners. We will encapsulate these for you without going over-the-top.

Commercial Agreements

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